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Download Our Free Guide to Noise Measurement Terminology

Why Download A Guide to Noise Measurement Terminology?

There are 100s of different acoustic parameters that can be used during your noise measurements. Each parameter can tell you something different the noise you're monitoring. How do you remember what all this noise measurement terminology means and what it does?

A Guide to Noise Measurement Terminology, reveals the most terminology you need to know. We've included a brief explanation of each acoustic parameter and noise term to help you with your noise measurements. This complete Acoustic Jargon Buster is available for free download.

What the Noise Measurement Terminology Guide includes:

  • Key noise terms that anyone measuring sound needs to know
  • Descriptions of all the noise terminology and acoustic parameters for noise measurements
  • Explanations of the more general noise measurement terms used
  • Reference guide for the Standards for Sound Level Meters, Noise Dosemeters and Acoustic Calibrators
  • For Cirrus customers, a look at what the different View Screens on the Optimus® Sound Level Meter can show you

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